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Informational Gatherings

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Informational Evening hosted at the Heartfelt store

Tuesday, August 18th~ 6:30 to 8:00

Please check back for additional meeting dates soon

4306 Upton Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN 55410

Please RSVP - 612 877 8090 by Noon on the day of informational evening

and let us know if you will be joining us


Handwork for little ones at the Linden Hills

Farmers Market with Forest School and Heartfelt

Linden Hills Farmers Market is located in the Settergren’s Hardware parking area every Sunday from 9AM to 1PM

We will be in a tent providing complimentary handwork for the children



We meet in front of our preschool house dressed for a day in the forest. We bring with us on our sleigh; the hot porridge pot wrapped in woolen blankets to keep it warm, dried fruit and nuts, and of course our cinnamon and honey bears to sprinkle on top. (On some days it’s brown rice and vegetables, or stone soup, too!)

As we enter the forest we see our log circle that welcomes us as we settle into our “forest home” for the day’s adventures of climbing, building, rolling, searching, or lying under one of the giant trees and watching the snow flakes as they glide down through the branches.

    “This is my school, where I learn to count the rings on a tree stump to see how old

    it was, where I gather sticks and find a favorite to write with in the snow or earth.

    This is where I build wonderful forts and become a knight, a fairy, a squirrel, or a

    dragon. Where I soar like or a chickadee over the treetops, and sit on a log to hear

    stories about the very impatient young owl or the wise old turtle that lives in the

    deepest part of the lake. Where I make snow candles and a twenty-foot spiral of 

    sticks that we have gathered...wow.


    This is my school, where I can balance on a fallen tree trunk, where I nestle in for

    a rest on the cloud blanket, and hear my name called to  join in to `seek the stone.’

    This is my school where I paint, saw, dig, create, imagine, listen, help, learn, grow,

    and where I can reach up to the sky like the trees that make the roof of our school.”

A view from the forest


To learn more or to enroll in

The Forest School Nature Immersion Early Childhood Education

please call Michele del Castillo  612 920-6330  or

Email michele@forestschoolmn.org

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