Tuition & Fees

  • The Forest School of Minnesota  application fee  is due prior to all Forest School visits. The application fee helps to support the individual time and support your family will be provided when considering enrollment. It also assists in ensuring the opportunity for visits to be available on the calendar for families with children that are interested in enrollment in Forest School.
  • Once enrollment is accepted, your families payment of the annual Parent Contribution  fee assures your child’s space for the contracted session. This yearly fee is non-refundable. It provides for reinvestment into the needs of this educational offering.
  • The Supply Fee for your child’s session is due with the session contract and the enrollment fee. Once your contract is accepted an invoice will be sent via email with the amount due for your supply fee, this fee is due upon receipt.
  • Tuition is charged on an academic year basis, Three Seasons Session or Summer Session Enrollment. 
  • Parents are responsible for tuition for the full season, regardless of continued attendance, including the parents decision to withdraw enrollment for the session.
  • Tuition must be paid by the due date indicated for both monthly payments and session payments or a late fee (SI0.00 per day) will be incurred for each day beyond the due date.
  • The Forest School of Minnesota's partnership with Polarn O Pyret, provides the essential comfort for FSMN students to enjoy year around exploring.

Tuition Payment Schedule

  • Monthly Tuition Payments are due the 25th of each preceding month.
  • If you choose to pay your tuition in one session payment, the $15.00 per month accounting fee is waived.

Other Policies

  • Attentiveness to arrivals and departures are very important, establishing respect for your child’s teacher and classmates. To ensure timely arrivals and departures we have a early/late fee of S1.00 per minute.
  • Enrollment in each session is for the full session regardless of your child’s attendance, thus we cannot reduce tuition for family holidays.
  • Healthy Participation. Students are expected to come to school in good health, without fever, vomiting or rash, for a FULL 24 hours after the last symptom has subsided. In the event they are taking a antibiotic, the antibiotic course must have started 24 hours previous to the start of the school day. Germs spread quickly among children, and quickly to us as their teachers. Please be mindful of all of our health and keep your child home from school if they are ill.
  • Should you miss a day(s) of school due to taking a holiday or an illness, please know we do not make the days up of your child’s absence in Forest School, and we ask that you please not ask us to do so. Kindly respect our policy. We all miss days from time to time, and as teachers, our immune system is very robust and in my 22 years of teaching we have fortunately remained very healthy, please help us to keep it that way.
  • Enrollment in the Forest School runs for the full session - Three Season or Summer. Secured placement of your requested schedule is provided for your child upon submission of your contract/s. When you submit a contract for the session/s we anticipate your child’s participation. As parents you commit to full session tuition responsibility. You are committed to pay the tuition for the entire session/s in which you have contracted. Withdrawal notices are accepted twice per year. When ending your enrollment in The Forest School, a written paper withdrawal notice will be required and submitted for the signature of the Founder of the Forest School. Withdrawal Notice due dates are February 1st, with the last day of attendance of the end of May, or June 1st, with the last day of attendance the end of August, close to the times we are approaching the end of either the Three Season Session or the Summer Session. If you withdraw your student at any other time during the calendar session, you the parents of the student, continue to be financially responsible for the unpaid tuition and lunch together commitment for the remainder of the session for which they were enrolled. Monthly payments may continue to be made with checks submitted upon withdrwal of the student, with the monthly due date of the 25th of each month written on each check, until the contractual obligation has been fulfilled