Consulting for Nature Immersion Teaching

Our school, which is dedicated to providing a true Nature Immersion education to our students, receives many inquires and requests for visits, shadowing, observing and those who are just curious about a true nature immersion school. Fulfilling all of the visit requests would not leave any time for teaching and exploring with the children, so school visits are limited to families seeking enrollment in the near future.

Forest School of Minnesota preschool student graduates stand out from their peers, and are recognized for the well rounded, motivated, capable, thoughtful, engaged, and respectful young people they have developed over our time together. Their experience has been unique to FSMN, and has given each of them a healthy and nurturing foundation from which to grow further.

Should you or your organization want to see if this type of teaching and learning may be for you or your school, please contact me via email and we can see if we can set up a consulting time to see if this may be a direction you could bring to your program.

Consulting Fee is $255 per hour, with a two hour minimum


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