Year around open enrollment is available for your child to join us. We are currently taking application and have four openings for the Three Seasons Session and for Summer 2019-20.

Participation Options

  • Classes are in session Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday ~ choose the days in the week
  • Half day (9 TO 1), or full day (9 to 4), attendance is available on these days
  • Together we will create a schedule that provides what your child needs to flourish
  • Most children begin with two half days to build up their stamina and we increase attendance as your child shows they are ready for more participation.


Tuition will be determined as a collaborative opportunity between the parents of the student candidate and The Forest School Founder/Teacher. See  Please inquire about this very simple and fair minded process. It is designed to provide an opportunity for more students to participate in the only Nature Immersion education opportunity in Minneapolis and the greater Twin Cities.

Please contact

Tuition - Parent Proposal of tuition

Parents Proposal of hourly rate/daily tuition amount. Parents are asked to place a value amount in their family for the work and relationship that is provided when choosing to be a part of The Forest School. When determining your proposal it helps to keep in mind that the face to face time the teacher spends with your child is but a fraction of the time spent on preparing for our days together and working to keep our program vibrant and growing.  It is the parents appreciation and value of this program and the teachers that provide for our inspired and brilliant days. 

Once we have an agreement of the daily tuition amount between the Student Candidate’s parents and the Forest School, an invoice for the tuition for the enrolled session will be emailed to the student candidate’s parents. The invoice will provide the payment schedule and the amounts due at each due date.

Lunch Together for AM enrolled students

  • The lunch offering is from 12:00 to 1:00
  • Forest School provides a beautiful organic vegetarian lunch that we share together.
  • We practice table manners and meal time social skills during lunch and it is also a wonderful opportunity for the children to try new tastes and experiences. 
  • The additional fee for this program is $50.00 per month per each day of the week your child attends. For example, Wednesdays are $50.00 per month, Wednesdays and Fridays are $100.00 per month. 
  • There are a few scholarship opportunities available for this program, please inquire.
  • This is a separate program from your educational tuition.


Students may be enrolled in both AM and PM sessions as well as a mixture of days of full and half day participation in the same week.


  • Application Fee (Due for each Session — Academic Year and Summer Session) — $75.00 for each student.
  • The application is available in a PDF on the “Application” page. Please complete the application and send it via post with the non-refundable application fee. Participation positions are available on a first submission basis.
  • Scheduling/Tuition Example
    Tuesday 9:00 to 1:00 + Lunch and Thursday 9:00 to 4:00
    Cost: 2 days of lunch inclusion  + the daily tuition that has been agreed upon in the beginning of the session for one half day in the week and one full day in the week.

Tuition payments

Tuition is due the 25th of each preceeding month. Late Tution payments are $10.00 per day beyond the 25th, until tuition is paid in full for the month.

Supply Charge ~ Three Seasons Session School Year            

This fee assists in defraying the cost of our beautiful art supplies and materials, our tools and the supplies used for play and learning, our organic cooking and baking ingredients and our nutritious snacks.  Listed below is the supply fee according to the number of half days in the week the student is enrolled for the entire academic session. FSMN provides all of our healthy snacks and meals, fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, dried fruits, etc. The Three Season Supply Fee is due in August, the Summer Session Supply Fee is due in May.


All Students                                             $600.00                                                  


All students                                              $375.00

Enrollment Contribution~Yearly 

A yearly Forest School participation contribution $250.00 is due for each student at the time enrollment in Forest School is accepted, and thereafter in January, for each year your student is enrolled. This contribution is used to support the opportunities and materials the children play with daily. Presently the project aim for this contribution is for the improvement of one of the children’s spaces. We are working toward adding onto the *woodland cottage and the attached woodland kitchen, where magic is gathered, created, stirred and shared. Only a lovely preschool gathering can make such beautiful pinecone soup and nature creations. 

*We are working toward creating a fundraising campaign through a social funding site...Kickstarter in the coming year. A project we are working on with the collaboration of a landscape architect, woodworking artisan and gifted carpenter to create a whimsical outdoor space at our home base.