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Our Purpose

Children who have attended Forest Schools have a deeper understanding of the world around them. Evidence shows they are often more engaged, confident, and outgoing when they embark into larger school environments. This preparation to learning provides a network of discoveries and experiences that are not accessible to indoor learning. Nature Immersion learning engages critical thinking and reasoning, and promotes healthy and helpful habits for a lifetime, creating and strengthening our bond to the natural world and our responsibility to live globally minded and thoughtfully engaged in all of our endeavors.


“Michele is gentle, patient, and really cares about cultivating an inclusive and welcoming environment as kids explore and discover from their outdoor surroundings.”

— Allison C., Forest School Parent


You wake in the morning to a glorious sunny day. There is still a bit of a chill to the air as Spring begins to crest on the calendar and just outside your front door. Birds are actively finding materials to make their nest, puddles are everywhere you look, and the sun is shining longer over the lake. The children are ready to don their wellies and puddle jump their way through the day...for their day is filled with an open sky, singing birds, foraging bunnies, and squirrels scampering about in the trees.

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I began teaching groups of young children 21 years ago. I had searched for a peer learning environment that was welcoming and inclusive and created a gentle and encouraging environment to thrive in. I started my own program when I was disheartened by the jarring manner of interaction between the children in the programs I visited, and continue to visit yearly. This same unguided interaction is also present on any playground, when we stop to listen. I knew there was a better way, a kinder way, of being and learning, speaking, and socializing.

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We’re accepting new students for our upcoming sessions and look forward to hearing from you.

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