The hardest and most important responsibility in the world…parenting.
Though we valiantly try, it is very challenging to parent without support. In recognition of the vast needs of many families, we offer in home parental coaching. 

Some areas we have assisted parents with improving…

  • Effective Parenting Language
  • Tantrum Reduction
  • Anger Channeling
  • Positive Sibling Interaction
  • Age Appropriate Independence Practices
  • Age Appropriate Social Skills
  • Manners and Boundaries
  • Bedtime Routines
  • Departure Routines
  • School Preparations
  • Homework Struggles
  • Family Meal Time…etc.

What To Expect
We will begin with a phone consultation, pinpointing areas of improvement you should like to implement in your family structure and daily life. Then schedule a site visit. During the site visit, we will access and implement new parenting tools and ideas to bring improvement to your family practices. All site visits will first have a phone consultation so we may discuss the work you should like to begin, and schedule the visit(s).

Parental Coaching Charge
Site visit…Payment will be required prior to the phone consult. Initial site visit is $120 per hour, this fee includes initial phone consultation. Follow up phone consults and visits will be $80 per hour.