The Forest School of Minnesota is dedicated to the healthy and mindful experiences children need, so they may reach and grow into the milestones of development that will allow them to thrive.

Our class is a multi age small group of explorers and learners. The small number of students and dedicated teaching commitment provides the time and environment for one on one attentions and thoughtful discusions and discoveries.  Teaching children to love learning takes time, thoughtfulness, dedication, and experience. We engage our wonderful students to learn from one another and build our class through long trusted relationships, as each family is enrolled in FSMN for two years of more. The steady and trusted partnership between the family and educator allow for a personalized educational experience for each child and family.

FSMN works with each family and each student to bring about the joys found in learning and cultivating the skills of healthy social development and friendships. We also work with our wonder parents to bring about and encourage the appreciation healthy and effective parenting skills. The foundations we teach our class encourages and provides for the practice of character development and traits and that will serve them well throughout their lives and lay the foundation for our children to be mindful of what they can bring into the future.

Forest School of Minnesota is guided by the needs of the children and their families. I do my best to offer this opportunity to a vast landscape of children in our class, and still remain a viable educational offering. There is a limited amount of tuition assistance that is provided for each class of students.

Financial support for the Forest School of Minnesota will help to ensure we are able to bring this educational experience to more children and their families, and allow us to continue to provide this important education and social skills development offering in our community for years to come.

You may gift support to the Forest School of Minnesota through Facebook, or Venmo currently, until we add additional payment options.

Please contact for more information on gifting to FSMN.

Thank you for your support.

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