The following questions are designed to help our gain a complete picture of your son or daughter so that we can determine if our school is able to meet your child's needs and your expectations. The questions are meant to be very general so that you can adapt them to the age of your son or daughter. Please be forthcoming and thourough in your reply.

Applicant's Name
Applicant's Name
This may include a brief history of early childhood events, sibling relationships, and other details as age appropriate.
For example: What time does S/he go to bed? What time does s/he awaken? Does s/he have difficulty sleeping through the night?
Please indicate the year these occurred.
For example, have there been learning difficulties, emotional or behavioral difficulties, previous counseling?
Please also include any information pertinent to your child receiving special services such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, etc. A full report from the service provider(s) must be forwarded to the Forest School of Minnesota prior to acceptance. Full disclosure of such services must be provided prior to consideration for admission.